PE Units 2019-20

Co-operation Games


  • Students must work together to solve problems
  • Students will understand the benefits of good communication and teamwork
  • Students will demonstrate and understand good sportsmanship


Throwing and Catching


  • Students will learn the mechanics of throwing and catching a ball
  • Students will learn how to hit both static and moving targets




  • Students will understand the role of the quarterback and wide receiver
  • Students will learn how to properly throw and catch a football and understand how the techniques used in Football are different from other sports
  • Students will learn a summarized history of Football and the general rules of the game.
  • Students will learn techniques to move away from the defensive team


  • Students will learn how to strike a ball from a tee and also when thrown from the pitcher.
  • Understand the responsibilities of the batter and the outfield positions.



Jump Rope

  • This unit is combined with Jump Rope for Heart. We will teach the student about raising money and the benefits of giving back.
  • Understand what the heart does and how it works.
  • Learn different individual and double jump rope skills.


  • Accurately pass a ball to a partner using both the bounce and the chest pass.
  • Catch a bounce pass from a partner. 
  • Maintain good control of a dribble while moving.
  • Shoot a basketball with an overhand or chest motion. 


  • Students will be able to play the ball over the net using a forehand and backhand shot.
  • Students will be able to use the correct technique when gripping the racket.
  • Students will understand the scoring in tennis and how doubles tennis is played
  • Student will attempt to serve from the back of the court
  • Student will learn about the history of tennis, along with current tennis players.